Margie Joyce - January 2015

Hi, Margie. Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. I imagine that lots of our Friends would like to know a little more about you, so let’s do this!


Where did you move to Fountain Hills from?  When?

My husband, Joe, and I moved to Fountain Hills full time about five years ago from Hudson, Ohio, where we’d lived for 28 years. Before that, we owned a condo here for a number of years and came down whenever possible in the winter months to escape the midwestern cold.


 What was your childhood home like and where was it?

It was a little red ranch house in Parma, Ohio. Our house was very quaint, with grass and flowers all around, typical of the suburban neighborhoods of that era and location.


Who was in your family, growing up?

There was my mom and dad, my younger sister, Chelle, and our younger brother, Victor.

 Who is in your family now?
My husband, Joe, and I;  our daughter, Ellen, and her husband, Jim, who live in Phoenix with our 10-year old step-grandson, Sean; our son, Joe, who lives in Ohio with his wife, Melanie, and their two children – Vivienne, who is three and a half and Levi, who is one and a half. We try to visit them as often as possible, which is never enough, so we do Facetime on the computer with them regularly.


 How did you meet Joe?

I met him at Kent State University, where we were both attending college. He interviewed (and ultimately approved) me for a position with a campus organization. We saw each other often on campus and became friends. I was always trying to fix him up with my girlfriends but once, when my current boyfriend couldn’t make it to a wedding I wanted to attend, I mentioned it in passing to Joe and he offered to take me. And here we are, 45 years later.


What is something that people don’t know about you?

Probably that I do watercolors. I’ve been painting for about five years now. I’ve never had any formal training but it’s relaxing and a creative outlet for me. I really enjoy it.


What three words best describe you?

Oh boy, let me think . . . Maybe vivacious? Definitely inquisitive. And probably impudent!


 What is the best/worst/strangest job you’ve ever had?

Well, I loved my career in teaching best of all, but I once worked for an engraving company and, in order to put the engraving plates away correctly, I had to learn to read backwards. Not a skill I’ve found much use for lately.


 What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? The worst?

The best advice was something I read in a book: “Don’t go to bed angry.” And Joe and I never have, in all the years we’ve been married. We’ve stayed up until the wee hours on more than one occasion, but we always resolve whatever issues we might have before we go to sleep. I think it’s working!


The worst was “Don’t become a teacher; you’ll never make money.” Being a high school teacher for 30 years was one of the major joys of my life.


 How has your life been different from how you imagined it as a child?

I never thought I’d come to live in Arizona. Growing up, I always wondered how people could move away from their family.


 What event has caused the most profound impact on your life?

I think it was probably when my 8-year old friend died from chicken pox. It was, of course, traumatic but so, too, was the realization that even young people could die. Before then, I suppose I just thought people had to be old to die. Another deeply profound impact was the death of my younger brother when we were both adults.


 If you could live your life over again what would you do differently?

I have no real regrets but I – like many others – certainly wouldn’t have invested in the real estate market in Arizona just before the downturn.


What first name would you prefer to have?

I wouldn’t change my full first name, Marguerite, at all. I think it’s a very pretty name. I just don’t care for the nickname, Marge, probably because, to my ear, it sounds a bit harsh. I much prefer Margie.


Do you have any hobbies?

Yes. I am a voracious reader. And, as I mentioned, I do watercolors.


What do you like best about Friends in the Hills?

I have met the most fabulous women!  I feel blessed and a little bit surprised to find such new and meaningful relationships at this point in my life.


What are the top three things on your bucket list?

Okay, let’s see . . .

Finish decorating my house
Return to Hawaii for vacation
Travel to England

 How would you like to be remembered?
 I would like to be remembered as being honest, caring deeply about the people in my life, and feeling incredibly fortunate to have met my soulmate, Joe, and have the life we’ve enjoyed together.