Many Friends members have requested a cookbook
where they could find recipes for some of the fabulous dishes that are shared at our pot-lucks and socials.
However, Susan Luzinski suggested that we use the club's website to give members the convenience of a central repository - a 'virtual' cookbook, if you will - where they can access all of those wonderful recipes, as needed. Here's how it works:
Just email it to:
                  For anti-spam reasons, this is not a link. Enter the
                   email address shown into your email's "To:" line.
 . . . or hand a copy of your recipe to Claire Padelford the next time you see her in person. The recipe will be formatted and posted for you.
Click on one of the RECIPE CATEGORY links, below, to go to the appropriate page (Salad, Main Dish, Dessert, etc.) and, underneath the name of the recipe you want, click on either:
    VIEW to see a copy of the recipe (you can then print it by clicking on the 
      tiny printer icon at the upper left of the screen); 
    DOWNLOAD to open/save a copy of the recipe on your computer.
Try using the Search box (top right) to locate a specific recipe.
Type a word or group of letters that might occur in the name of the recipe you're looking for and then click on the 'Search this site' button next to it.
A Search Results page will open, with a list of options for you to choose from.
We have posted some sample recipes to get the ball rolling. There is a separate page for each Category,
as shown in the table, below.


Click on the name
of the Category to
go to that page



 Appetizers and Snacks: Tapas, hors 
 d'oeuvres, finger foods, munchies and
 snacks of all kinds for pre-meal or
 between-meal noshing


Beverages of all kinds, from smoothies to


 Breads & Rolls:
Yeast breads, quick 
breads, nut  breads, dinner rolls,
 cinnamon rolls, pita pockets, garlic
 bread, bread sticks, muffins



 Cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream and 
 other confections


 Main Dishes of all kinds: Chops, steaks,
 chicken, seafood, stews, vegetarian
 dishes, casseroles, chilis and crock-pot


Green salads, chop salads, mayo-based
salads, jello salads, bean salads, salad
 dressings & toppings


Anything served as an accompaniment 
to a main dish meal; mashed potatoes,
 hot or cold veggetable dishes, onion rings,
 mac and cheese, green bean casserole


Any kind of hot or cold soups; 
Mama's Chicken Noodle, Aunt Belle's
 Borscht, Abuela's Gazpacho or The
 World's Best French Onion


Everything Else: whatever doesn't fall 
 into any other Category. If we get
 enough of one type of recipe (e.g.,
 Breakfast or Sandwich, we'll create a
 separate category for it.