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Hello, Friends!
Welcome to the Good News Bulletin Board area of our website.This is YOUR page, where information that you would like to share with other members can be posted for you. Information such as recipes, photos, and good news or comments that you'd like to share with our Club membership at large may be submitted for posting, following the guidelines, below. You can also comment on any post, using the Comments box at the bottom of each separate posting..
Please send your posting, via email, to:
Type the entire address, shown in the box above, into the To: field of an email message. (TIP: there is a period/dot (.) between the first two words.) Then type in whatever message and include whatever attachment you would like to have posted, and click on Send. It's that easy. The Webmaster will receive, format and post your content as long as it fits into the appropriate category outlined below.
This page is similar to a blog, where the most recent posts are front-and-center and older posts scroll down as new information is added at the top.Your posts should be available for viewing for some time but they will scroll down as newer items are posted.
In order to make this work, we all need to abide by a certain set of standards and a positive attitude in what is posted in this section. These may seem like plain old common sense but, just so we're all on the same page, here are some guidelines for what can - and can not - be submitted for posting here. 
  • NO PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION - EITHER YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE'S may be submitted for posting here. No email addresses, home addresses or phone numbers, please.  
  • SUBMIT ONLY PHOTOS and FILES THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO POST. No copyrighted material may be posted, nor any photos of people other than yourself, unless you have the other peoples' explicit permission to post their likeness online. To protect your privacy and that of others, do not identify the people in your photos by name in the text portion of your submission. Instead, use titles like FAMILY FUN IN THE COOL PINES (no specific location) or captions like "Isn't he adorable?"
  • APPROPRIATE CONTENT: Please ensure that all content that you submit for posting here is appropriate for general viewing by audiences of all ages and persuasions. The content of your submission for posting on this page may not be: Club news or advertising/promotional materials for any product, cause or event, regardless of how worthy. No content of a religious or political nature. No negative comments about other members or groups, no profane, offensive or objectionable language and, of course, no derogatory remarks of any kind, period. Any  material deemed to be inappropriate for publication here will be deleted upon receipt and you will be notified.
  • YOU MAY ATTACH FILES TO YOUR SUBMISSION FOR POSTING.  Please ensure that the file content conforms to our 'APPROPRIATE CONTENT' guidelines, above and that the file size is 1MB or less.

  • LIMIT: ONE SUBMISSION, PER MEMBER, PER MONTH, PLEASE. This is a new concept and, since our Webmaster is a volunteer position, only so much time is available for formatting and posting your submissions. If the number of submissions becomes overwhelming, this area will have to be discontinued unless we can get more volunteers to help out. If you would like to post several photos, put them together in a collage and send the one file. Or, you can send a link to an online album that we can post for you, with the caveat that all photos in the album fall within the appropriate content guideline.
We would like to keep this area available for the enjoyment and convenience of all our members, so please abide by these guidelines for posting submissions.
All Club news that is outside the scope of the monthly bulletin and would be of interest to the general membership can be submitted to the Webmaster for publication on the HOME page, under 'News & Notes."
Thank you!

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