Newcomer's Coffees

Potential New Members: Please join us for Coffee .......


Come on over for coffee!

These casual and friendly gatherings
are held on a regular basis to allow new and potential members to learn more about our organization and what it offers to the women of our community.  It's not necessary that you be a new resident of Fountain Hills in order to attend  one of these coffees - just new to our group.
Our Second Vice-Presidents host
the coffees in a relaxed and comfortable setting in their own homes.  It's just like having coffee with a friendly neighbor.....because that's exactly what it is!  Your hostess will share information about our organization's history and purpose and explain how new members can sign up for as many (or as few) activities and events as they like in order to experience all of the fun and fulfillment that our current members enjoy.
Membership forms are available
at the coffees but attendance does not create an obligation to join.  Nor will anyone contact you again about joining, should you decide it's not the right fit or the right time for you to become a member.
We would love to have you over
for coffee sometime soon.
We're looking forward to meeting you!


December 6th

10:30 AM


Joanie Gallichio & Ann Elam

Participants will receive an email with all pertinent details prior to the event.
Please contact Joanie or Ann to make a reservation to attend, or to cancel.
If you are not yet a member or don't have a current Club Directory, click [HERE] to contact the Webmaster.
 Your request will be forwarded to one of the Newcomer's Coffee VPs and they will contact you with the necessary information prior to the next Coffee.