Privacy & Security

In order to protect the safety and security
of our members' information, we do not publish direct contact data on the website. There is a Club Directory that is updated and published quarterly by our Membership Coordinator, Natalie Hogeboom. If you are a current member of Friends in the Hills, you may send a request for an e-Directory to the Webmaster. She will forward your request and Natalie will get back to you with the details.

All names that identify members in photos on this site are an integral part of the graphic or picture, not text, so they are not searchable by web crawlers or 'bots' that scour websites for personal information to harvest.
All content used on this site is copyrighted material -
© 2014 by Friends in the Hills Welcome Club, Inc. All rights reserved. - and is intended for the sole and exclusive enjoyment of our members.
Although this website is public and the content may be viewed by anyone, it may not, in total or in part, be reproduced, downloaded, copied, e:Mailed or shared in any way, particularly on social media such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, without specific written consent from the Club's president. This restriction applies to members and non-members alike.